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Condos Accross The City

  1. ArtHaus Residences at Arts Court

    • Address: 20 Daly Ave, Ottawa, ON
    • Developer: DevMcGill
    • Floors: 23
    • Website: ArtHaus Residences
    • Unique Feature: Integration with the Ottawa Art Gallery and Arts Court.
    • Investment Potential: High, cultural significance and central location.
    • Advice: Suitable for investors interested in cultural and artistic living spaces.
  2. The River Terraces at Greystone Village

    • Address: 175 Main St, Ottawa, ON
    • Developer: eQ Homes
    • Floors: 12
    • Website: The River Terraces
    • Unique Feature: Located next to the Rideau River, environmentally conscious design.
    • Investment Potential: Growing interest due to urban-natural balance.
    • Advice: Good for investors seeking quieter yet central locations.
  3. Icon

    • Address: 505 Preston St, Ottawa, ON
    • Developer: Richcraft Group of Companies
    • Floors: 45
    • Website: Icon Condos
    • Unique Feature: Ottawa's tallest residential building, luxurious amenities.
    • Investment Potential: High rental demand expected.
    • Advice: Attracts high-income tenants seeking premium living.
  4. Claridge Icon

    • Address: 505 Preston St, Ottawa, ON
    • Developer: Claridge Homes
    • Floors: 45
    • Website: Claridge Icon
    • Unique Feature: Architectural marvel in Little Italy.
    • Investment Potential: Strong resale and rental potential.
    • Advice: Appeals to those seeking modern living with cultural vibrancy.
  5. SOHO Champagne

    • Address: 111 Champagne Ave S, Ottawa, ON
    • Developer: Mastercraft Starwood
    • Floors: 20
    • Website: SOHO Champagne
    • Unique Feature: Hotel-inspired design and services.
    • Investment Potential: High demand among professionals.
    • Advice: Ideal for luxury-focused short-term rentals.
  6. The Bowery Condos + Lofts

    • Address: 255 Bay St, Ottawa, ON
    • Developer: Richcraft Group of Companies
    • Floors: 18
    • Website: The Bowery Condos + Lofts
    • Unique Feature: Modern condos and lofts, rooftop amenities.
    • Investment Potential: Appeals to young professionals and students.
    • Advice: Consider the rising demand for non-traditional living spaces.
  7. Gotham

    • Address: 224 Lyon St N, Ottawa, ON
    • Developer: Lamb Development Corp.
    • Floors: 17
    • Website: Gotham Ottawa
    • Unique Feature: Bold design with floor-to-ceiling windows.
    • Investment Potential: Attracts a niche market valuing design.
    • Advice: Focus on clients who prioritize aesthetics and location.
  8. The Slater

    • Address: 199 Slater St, Ottawa, ON
    • Developer: Broccolini
    • Floors: 22
    • Website: The Slater
    • Unique Feature: Modern luxury, proximity to business districts.
    • Investment Potential: High demand from young professionals.
    • Advice: Strong choice for targeting working professionals.
  9. Minto Beechwood

    • Address: 411 Mackay St, Ottawa, ON
    • Developer: Minto Group
    • Floors: 8
    • Website: Minto Beechwood
    • Unique Feature: Boutique-style living in historic New Edinburgh.
    • Investment Potential: Stable appreciation in a sought-after area.
    • Advice: Attracts those valuing community and a quieter lifestyle.

Each of these condo buildings presents a unique opportunity, whether you're seeking a luxury lifestyle, a culturally enriched environment, or a tranquil yet central living space. Their diverse range of features ensures that there's something to match the varying needs and preferences of buyers and investors in Ottawa's dynamic real estate market.