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Ottawa and Area Neighbourhoods

Byward Market Real Estate

  • A vibrant and historic area with a lively market and nightlife.
  • A diverse selection of boutiques, restaurants, and galleries.
  • Proximity to Parliament Hill and cultural landmarks.
  • A mix of residential options from modern condos to heritage homes.


Centretown Real Estate

  • Central location with easy access to downtown amenities.
  • Blend of historic and contemporary housing.
  • Close to Parliament Hill, business districts, and shopping.
  • Active community with a variety of dining and entertainment options.


Golden Triangle Real Estate

  • Prestigious area adjacent to downtown.
  • Stunning architecture and historic homes.
  • Close to the Rideau Canal and Elgin Street's dining scene.
  • Tranquil yet central, ideal for professionals and families.


LeBreton Flats Real Estate

  • Rapidly developing area with modern living spaces.
  • Proximity to the Canadian War Museum and Pimisi LRT station.
  • Expansive green spaces and bike paths along the Ottawa River.
  • Upcoming large-scale developments promising urban renewal.


Lower Town Real Estate

  • Historical area with a mix of old-world charm and modern conveniences.
  • Close to Byward Market and major cultural attractions.
  • Diverse community with a rich cultural tapestry.
  • Wide range of housing options, from traditional to contemporary.


Old Ottawa East Real Estate

  • Picturesque neighborhood with a blend of old and new architecture.
  • Close to the Rideau Canal and Saint Paul University.
  • Strong community spirit with local shops and cafes.
  • Ideal for those seeking a quieter, yet central, urban area.


Old Ottawa South Real Estate

  • Known for its historic homes and mature streetscapes.
  • Close to Carleton University and the Rideau River.
  • Vibrant community with independent businesses and theaters.
  • Family-friendly with excellent schools and recreational facilities.


Sandy Hill Real Estate

  • Home to the University of Ottawa, attracting students and academics.
  • Mix of student housing, historic homes, and embassies.
  • Close to downtown and Strathcona Park.
  • Diverse community with a unique blend of residents.


Orleans Real Estate

  • Suburban feel with a significant Francophone population.
  • Variety of housing options, from townhouses to spacious homes.
  • Strong community focus with parks and family activities.
  • Growing commercial and retail developments.


Fallingbrook Real Estate

  • Family-oriented suburban neighborhood.
  • Proximity to schools, parks, and recreational facilities.
  • Growing area with a mix of housing options.
  • Strong sense of community and neighborhood activities.


Navan Real Estate

  • Rural charm with the convenience of nearby urban amenities.
  • Spacious properties are ideal for those seeking privacy and nature.
  • Close to Orleans for shopping and services.
  • Strong community ties with local events and traditions.


Blackburn Hamlet Real Estate

  • Unique suburban community surrounded by greenbelt.
  • Close-knit community with a small-town feel.
  • Excellent schools and recreational facilities.
  • Ideal for those looking for a balance between city and country living.


Casselman Real Estate

  • A small town with a strong Francophone presence.
  • Affordable housing options compared to central Ottawa.
  • Scenic surroundings with easy access to outdoor activities.
  • Growing community with new developments and amenities.


Overbrook Real Estate

  • Diverse neighborhood close to the Rideau River.
  • Mix of housing styles, from historic homes to new developments.
  • Proximity to downtown and major roadways.
  • Community-focused with parks and local businesses.


Rockland Real Estate

  • Growing town with a mix of urban and rural elements.
  • Affordable housing options with scenic views.
  • Increasingly popular for families and retirees.
  • Developing amenities and services for residents.


Beacon Hill Real Estate

  • Quiet suburban area with family-friendly neighborhoods.
  • Close to excellent schools and recreational facilities.
  • Proximity to the Ottawa River and green spaces.
  • Ideal for those seeking a peaceful residential area.


Embrun Real Estate

  • Small town with a strong community focus.
  • Growing area with new housing developments.
  • Rich in local culture and community events.
  • Ideal for those seeking a quieter lifestyle outside the city.


Cumberland Real Estate

  • Offers a rural lifestyle with large properties and natural beauty.
  • Close to Orleans for urban amenities.
  • Ideal for those seeking privacy and a slower pace of life.
  • Rich in history with a strong sense of community.


Alta Vista Real Estate

  • Established neighborhood with spacious homes and mature trees.
  • Close to hospitals and medical facilities.
  • Family-oriented with good schools and parks.
  • Quiet, yet centrally located, offering a balance of convenience and tranquility.


Westboro Real Estate

  • Trendy and upscale area with a vibrant street scene.
  • Proximity to the Ottawa River and outdoor activities.
  • Diverse housing options, from modern condos to family homes.
  • Strong community vibe with popular shops and restaurants.


Hintonburg Real Estate

  • Artsy and dynamic neighborhood attracting young professionals.
  • Home to unique boutiques, cafes, and art galleries.
  • Close to the Ottawa River and downtown.
  • Increasingly popular for its eclectic charm and community feel.


Mechanicsville Real Estate

  • Up-and-coming area undergoing revitalization.
  • Affordable housing options close to the city center.
  • Strong sense of community with local initiatives and events.
  • Proximity to the Ottawa River and Bayview Station.


Mooney's Bay Park Real Estate

  • Scenic area is known for its park and beach along the Rideau River.
  • Popular for outdoor activities and festivals.
  • Family-friendly with a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Close to Carleton University and Hog's Back Falls.


Sheffield Glen Real Estate

  • Quiet, established neighborhood with a suburban feel.
  • Proximity to industrial and commercial areas for employment.
  • Good access to public transportation and amenities.
  • Ideal for families and professionals seeking a peaceful area.


South Keys Real Estate

  • Known for its large shopping center and accessibility.
  • Diverse community with a mix of residential options.
  • Excellent public transportation links, including the O-Train.
  • Close to the airport and major highways.